Kyoto Kimono Rental Plan

Stylists on staff!
You can enjoy a unique kimono style.

We are a rental shop run by a luxury kimono shop. That's why we care about “quality”, “design”, and “originality”, and that's why we offer a wide variety of kimonos, such as new arrivals and designer items, as well as Obi belts and accessories you can enjoy styling.
Our kimono stylists, who are friendly and reliable, offer kimono styling with Obi belts and accessories based on your requests, for example cute, cool, or modern styles.
Of course, we also have a full lineup of stylish hair accessories!
Please leave it to us to arrange your hair according to your style requests.

unique kimono style

Plans & Pricing

We will prepare a full kimono style for you, including, for example, a kimono, Obi, kimono accessories, Zori sandals, lace Tabi socks, bags, hairstyling.
Please just bring yourself. We will take care of everything.

AM Rental Plan

AM Rental Plan

¥2,980(inc. tax)

Three-hour rental plan, mornings only.

If you want to rent a kimono easily and stroll around Kyoto, this plan is highly recommended!
*Please note that with this plan you must return by 12pm.

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【Type of clothes】
・Basic kimono・Lace style kimono
・Vintage kimono・Modern kimono

Kimono Rental for All Day

Kimono Rental for All Day

¥4,400(inc. tax)

You can spend a relaxing time in a kimono until 6pm.

We have a lot of sophisticated kimonos, including basic and trendy kimono types.

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【Type of clothes】
・Basic kimono・Lace style kimono
・Vintage kimono・Modern kimono

Plan For Couples

Plan For Couples

¥8,800(inc. tax)

If you're going to wear a kimono on a date, our Plan For Couples might be the best option!

Your date in Kyoto, with both of you wearing matching kimono, will be a special, memorable one♪

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【Type of clothes】
・Basic kimono・Lace style kimono
・Vintage kimono・Modern kimono

Formal Plan

Formal Plan

¥12,000(inc. tax)

A Houmongi is a formal and elegant style of kimono.

If you want to wear a subdued kimono, this is your best option!
This plan is also recommended for strolling around Kyoto.

【Type of clothes】

Furisode Plan

Furisode Plan

¥19,800(inc. tax)

A Furisode is the most splendid and photogenic type of kimono!

Its notable features are its gorgeous Obi belts and hairstyling.

【Type of clothes】

Hakama Plan

Hakama Plan

¥5,500(inc. tax)

A Hakama is charming with a lace or retro kimono.

【Type of clothes】
・Basic kimono・Lace style kimono
・Vintage kimono・Modern kimono

Yukata Plan

Yukata Plan

¥3,850(inc. tax)

Summer, limited to June-September!

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All you can choose from our collection of designer Yukatas. Please enjoy strolling around Kyoto wearing a fashionable Yukata!

【Type of clothes】

Limited to June-September every year

Option Fees

Hair Set

¥1,100(inc. tax)〜

Outside Photoshoot

¥16,000(inc. tax)〜

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Outside Photoshoot

Items for Kimono Rental Plan

All plans include the following items:

  • kimono
  • Obi belt
    Obi belt
  • Bag, Purse
    Bag, Purse
  • Zori sandals
    Zori sandals
  • Tabi socks
    Tabi socks

We have a wide selection of sophisticated and authentic kimonos.

We have a wide collection of high-quality kimonos, including designer and handmade kimonos, as well as retro-modern and vintage style kimonos, all of which are carefully selected by professionals. Since you have come all the way to Kyoto, why not enjoy the city in an authentic and stylish kimono?

Steps for Renting a Kimono

The kimono rental service is available for up 30 groups per day and is by appointment only. Please fill out the appointment form and include your desired date and time.
Please return the kimono on that day. There is an optional plan for returning it the next day.

  • 1


    Book an appointment using our online form or by phone.

    Book Your Appointment Here
  • 2


    Please arrive in time for your scheduled appointment.
    If you are running late, please contact us.

  • 3

    Outfit Selection and Hair Set

    Choose your outfit and have your hair set as you have requested. (Takes about 30 min-1 hour)

  • 4

    Departure & Return

    Enjoy your short trip when you are ready. Please return to our shop by 6:00 pm.


Q1. When should I return my kimono?
Please return it before 6:00pm.
You can also return by 12:00pm the next day for an extra fee of ¥1,100.
Q2. Are all kimonos the same price to rent?
There are several types of kimonos available for rent starting at ¥2,980~. The price differs for each type.
Q3. Is the dressing fee included in the rental price?
Yes, it is.